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Triton Protect Ultimate Ceramic Car Care System

The Triton Protect Ultimate Ceramic Car Care System is designed to keep your vehicle looking good inside and out for years by protecting the interior and exterior from stains, road grime, harmful elements and normal wear and tear.

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Too many variables are at play when driving on todays roads. This is why we believe it is vital to protect you and your vehicle with Triton Protection Packages. Triton offers comprehensive, reliable, and transparent coverage options to our customers, to provide you with peace of mind!

At Delaney Toyota we believe in treating our customers like family, which is why we believe in the power and security Triton Protect offers our customers.

Exterior Protection

This spray-on ceramic coating delivers a high gloss glass-like shine that is super-hydrophobic and protects your vehicles exterior from outdoor elements. It does this by chemically bonding to the surface of your vehicle and repelling water, dirt, pollen, and other elements commonly found outdoors.

Defends Against:
• Road Salts
• Acid Rain
• Bird Droppings
• Hard Water
• Fading
• Sun Damage
• Oxidation
• Insect Damage

Interior Protection

Vinyl & Leather Conditioning
Sun and age have a way of fading and cracking your car’s vinyl and leather. But we have a way of protecting them and making them look good in the process. Triton Protect Vinyl & Leather Conditioner gives vinyl and leather a soft finish and a beautiful, rich look. And it doesn’t leave a greasy film.
• Conditions and protects
• Fights fading and cracking
• UV inhibitions seal out ultraviolet rays

Fabric Protection with Banoyl®
• Encapsulates the individual fibers
• Repels both oil and water-based stains such as coffee, Kool Aid, grease, soft drinks and food spills
• No reapplication necessary
• Easy cleanup – spills simply lift away

Backed by a Warranty

When you purchase the Triton Protect Ultimate Ceramic Car Care System, you receive the Triton Protect Car Care Kit to help maintain your vehicles new look and luster! We also back this product with a warranty to cover any defects the Triton Protect Car Care System protects from.

New Vehicle:
6-Year Warranty/Unlimited Mileage
Used Vehicle:
5-Year Warranty/Unlimited Mileage

Triton Protect Vehicle Service Contracts

The highest level of protection for your peace of mind. Triton Protect offers the most comprehensive coverage options for your new or used vehicle.

You select the time, mileage and coverage options that best fits your driving needs.
Powertrain Coverage

This coverage option is going to cover the mechanical parts of your vehicle.

This includes:
• Engine (Gas & Diesel)
• Water Pump
• Turbo/Supercharger
• Transmission
• Transfer Case

Comprehensive Coverage

This coverage option is going to provide you with more covered components to keep your vehicle running for longer!

This includes:

• Engine (Gas & Diesel)
• Drive Axle
• Water Pump
• AC/Heating
• Turbo/Supercharger
• Brakes (Excluding Wear Items)
• Transmission

• Front/Rear Suspension
• Transfer Case
• Cooling System
• Steering
• Fuel System
• Electrical
• Electrical Group

Vehicle Maintenance Plans

Keep your vehicle running like new with a prepaid maintenance plans, give yourself the peace of mind for the road ahead.

Prevent unnecessary expenses

Avoid costly repairs down the road by locking in your vehicle maintenance costs at todays prices.

Leave it to the professionals
Let trained technicians complete your maintenance services and help maintain it’s value.

Routine Maintenance includes:
• Inspect and adjust all fluid levels
• Replacement of engine oil and oil filters
• Tire rotation
• Multipoint inspection

Drive 360 & 360+

Potholes, rocks, nails and glass – these are just a few of the hazards you’ll encounter during normal day-to-day driving.

Drive with confidence knowing these unforeseen hazards won’t turn into costly out-of-pocket repairs.

Prime Coverage Plan

Helps protect you from unnecessary expenses for the road ahead.

Coverage Includes:
• Repair or replacement of covered tires and/or wheels (including the surface of the wheel) damaged by road hazards
• Mounting, balancing and valve stems
• Towing and flat tire changes
• Transferable plan
• Substitute Transportation Benefit

Premier Coverage Plan

Premier Coverage Plan includes all of the Prime Coverage features along with Windshield and Paintless Dent Repair.

Windshield Repair
Helps protect you against windshield chips or cracks caused by road debris, rocks and stones.
Paintless Dent Repair
Our coverage keeps your vehicle looking new longer by providing dent repairs to vertical body panels during the term of your contract.

Ultimate Coverage Plan

The ultimate premium protection for your peace of mind. The Ultimate Coverage Plan includes all the Prime and Premier features along with Key Replacement Protection.
Key Replacement Benefit
• Replacement and/or reprogramming of the covered vehicle key/remote if lost, damaged, or stolen
• Lock-out assistance to unlock the vehicle if your vehicle keys are lost, damaged, or stolen

Other Products…

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)

GAP Coverage keeps you from going “upside down” and owing more than your car is worth. For instance, if your vehicle is damaged, stolen, or totaled, your insurance company may only pay a portion of the cost, but GAP coverage will pay the rest.

Windshield Replacement

Our Windshield Replacement product is applied to your windshield in a two step process to strengthen and prevent damage. In the event that the product fails, your windshield will be replaced.

Silent Security
Silent Security is a passive theft deterrent system installed on your vehicle to help deter professional thieves from stealing your vehicle. Your vehicle will be permanently marked, with a phosphorescent chemical label, up to 10 body panels with a traceable code. This code is registered in a database where it is accessible to any law enforcement agency in the country.

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